• -You can do an order just filling our order form which is in our website.
  • -The minimum cost for an order will be of 25 €.
  • -The prices in our website have the VAT included.
  • -The order can be paid by:
    1. PayPal.
    2. Bank transference. The account number would be given in a confirmation e-mail.
    3. COD shipment, if you live in pain.
    4. For Canarias only bank transference and PayPal.
  • -In the prices, the transport is not included; the client can chose among different kinds of transports, however, if this is not specified we will send the order by the quickest and cheapest way.
  • -We attend orders of all Europe, and from those countries which do not need a Fitosanitary Licence..
  • -The seeds and plants which are not available from the order, will not be replaced without consulting our clients. We will only charge what we send.
  • -All the products available in stock will be send in a period of five workable days. If this were not possible an e-mail would be send to you in order to explain why your order would be late.